Age is an illusion

Age is just an illusion Today’s scenario is quite different from past years. Kids of age 6-10 and teenagers are wiser then the older ones. And I think that ‘ageism’ is definitely keeping people from being open minded. Probably the younger mind is more malleable. Open to change and newer opinions, theories, comprehending newer information, … More Age is an illusion

Women literacy a must be a Silver key to Empowerment?

Women literacy And Empowerment Literacy among women opens up many opportunities for them for their empowerment. Literate women can express constructively their talents. Literacy among women would lead to better hygiene, improved nutrition-practices and caring for family health. It would improve maternal competence and would lower of the rate of infant mortality. Female education leads … More Women literacy a must be a Silver key to Empowerment?


  You are special.. I have always been reluctant to write anything on you Mom,because I thought we had no bond like the other kids and their mothers had. But, I was wrong. So these words are meant for you. “When I was within you, I was scared to face the brutal World. I came … More Mother


It has a quirky shape, its all red, it plays a protagonist or an antagonist. It’s biased and dominating. “When you  play charades you would probably use your fingers, curving your index ,making a ‘V’ out of your thumbs.” Yeah that’s right!, it’s the Heart! It’s been depicted as a symbol of love and affection … More Traitor