It has a quirky shape, its all red, it plays a protagonist or an antagonist. It’s biased and dominating. “When you  play charades you would probably use your fingers, curving your index ,making a ‘V’ out of your thumbs.” Yeah that’s right!, it’s the Heart! It’s been depicted as a symbol of love and affection etc ( not impressed by it so). It beats 60-72 times a minute normally and multiplies to twice the normal when you sight your crush or when you see your math teacher carrying some random bunch of papers , after a bad exam. So basically it pounds on 2 kinds of regular emotions – Fear and love.  
Does your heart battle your clump of brain for falling for someone? Does it? Na.. but the brain begs the heart to stop or suppress flow of feelings in your blood stream. It appreciates acceptance, but rejection? It takes to through agony. Every damn emotion is consented to be felt because of the Heinous Heart. It decides your life and death. It decides whether you get to live and grow older. It’s a “Two horned evil thing.” Its reckless.Seems like I deset it too much? Yes I do. Because my whole soul is privileged with misery when its hurt. Not that it doesn’t make  me happy at all. But sufferings are a tragic. But I also state that it’s the rightest thing. It conspires you to achieve anything you wish to be and see. It explores every minute emotion with full attention and fascination.Jealousy, Envy and Possessiveness, they have almost the same meaning but we see it and feel it differently because the hearts will. It’s a “Judgmental, little two horned thing.” It endorses devastation precisely and yes it’s a traitor because it never stands by you when you need it the most.


7 thoughts on “Traitor

  1. sometimes we tend to be possessive abt someone n fear dat dey’ll leave us worse possessiveness takes a huge U turn n takes revenge on our own selves..

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