Women literacy a must be a Silver key to Empowerment?


Women literacy And Empowerment

Literacy among women opens up many opportunities for them for their empowerment. Literate women can express constructively their talents.

Literacy among women would lead to better hygiene, improved nutrition-practices and caring for family health. It would improve maternal competence and would lower of the rate of infant mortality. Female education leads to late marriage an making the size of family small.

Educated women can acquire knowledge about contraception. It helps them making a gap in rearing and bearing child. Education helps women to participate in works that are outside home. Education of women emancipates them in wasteful child-bearing and helps them to take part in market activities.

Women can make a better use of time. “Education helps them to reduce time which they spend in household and non-market activities. Education among women moves them from non-monetized sector to monetized sector. It allows them to participate directly in household economy. This enhances their status in decision making within the family. It is a major step towards their equality and empowerment.

Literacy among women will help in drawing them away from the exploitative informal sector or and give them more recognition for their work both at household and national levels. Low level of literacy among women leads them to their unequal situation in the labor market. They get unequal pay for equal work. They cannot get economic independence, lack of power and status in the family. Literacy among women leads to better economic opportunities leading them to equality and empowerment. A small amount of education increases the amount of earnings of women if they are in labor force. In India, a study has revealed that literacy without completed primary education resulted in higher earnings. Middle school qualification even doubles women’s returns from labor.

Education helps women to move out of agricultural labor into non-household manufacturing and service occupations in the modern sector. Just as literacy increases economic opportunities, school education familiarizes girls with non-family social-settings and increases their skills and confidence to engage in productive work outside the home more competitively.

Self-employment is a major sector of employment. Poor women mostly concentrate on it. In most cases the scale of operation is small and, therefore, the return is less. If these poor women are educated they can take loan from banks. But very often the banks and the financial institutions are unwilling to lend when the borrower is uneducated. If at all such loans are taken they are awarded to men.Studies on developing countries including India have shown that poor women invest money more wisely, make sound decisions to maximize returns and are more conscientious in returning the loans.

Coming to the most crucial point of this topic . Education of women will place them on an equal footing with men in decision-making positions in economic and political fields. Empowerment of women through education will lead to their greater participation in Government and community institutions. More women in parliament, cabinets, chief executive officers in major corporations, top administrators and the like will lead women towards equality and empowerment. If women are placed in top decision-making positions, this will help women to progress in all fields of activity. It increases the full potential of women.

‘It is highly necessary on the part of a nation to make women educated’. Education leads women towards equality and improvement which in turn helps development of a nation. Women are educators of the next generations. It is through them that innovations can be-introduced. It enables women to take part in modern life. Literary and education of women change their image and their role within the society. It will help change the tradition ideas of people about women’s role. 

Development of a country is linked with women’s welfare and productivity. If women are educated they change the behavior of the generation that is necessary for a better life. 


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