Age is an illusion


Age is just an illusion

Today’s scenario is quite different from past years. Kids of age 6-10 and teenagers are wiser then the older ones. And I think that ‘ageism’ is definitely keeping people from being open minded. Probably the younger mind is more malleable. Open to change and newer opinions, theories, comprehending newer information, because they don’t know how to do anything else. A lot of the wisdom of past generations doesn’t apply in modern times. The world is changing faster these days, and old people are notoriously slow to keep up. Some may say not always. Yes, age brings experiences good and bad that can either mess you up or help you. There are some wonderful teens out there who are very mature for their age. And I also agree that wisdom comes with age you can be wise in hindsight to most things. I reckon the true maturity and wisdom of someone must not always be measured by age.

Let me recall few incidents. I would like to tell about my niece maybe 8 years. Once I had been to her home and there was house cleaning going on. She was eating her Oreo biscuits dipping and wetting her fingers with glass of milk.  It was really adoring watching her. She offered me some too.  The house cleaner’s daughter was of her age. She came in and sat quietly. My sister asked her daughter, as in my niece to get into her room as she didn’t want her daughter to mingle with her. But my niece she didn’t want to leave, instead smiled at the cleaners daughter sat with her and enjoyed the dips of oreo biscuits.  I was astonished because I was brought up so talking and knowing people of our status. But those little girls didn’t want to draw a line of differences . They had the courage to rather erase it.  In a way you might also call it innocence but I would call it wisdom.

Today’s teenagers are smarter, tougher and braver. Almost every time I speak to teenagers, particularly young female students who want to talk to me about feminism, I find myself staggered by how much they have read, how creatively they think and how curiously bullshit-resistant they are.Teenage is a very critical, age it can break all records of prosperity and destruction as well. The more knowledge you acquire about things , you become confident withour your opinions on it. And so i believe older once are must not be catogarized  wiser , smarter and Braver Because we are no less .

   -By Sania


10 thoughts on “Age is an illusion

  1. Nice work, and feminism is not always talked by women alone. I just wanted to say don’t stereotype feminism to women.

  2. A feminist ( fights for women rights) advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.. so i call it feminisim’. And there maybe not many of other genders talking about it ? right?

  3. No i meant people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy Mahakavi Bharthi, K. Kamaraj all these people are feminist, I just wanted to say that feminism is universal and even men have fought for it.

    1. please stick to the context . i am not talking about extremists or freedom fighters . please try to know wat i am trying to convey and not smtin i am not evn talking about. thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Criticisms apart, I truly liked the oreo story. I want the world kike that. No differences, rich n poor, gender inequality, caste system all this is bullshit.

    1. Criticisms apart, I truly liked the oreo story. I want the world kike that. No differences, rich n poor, gender inequality, caste system all this is bullshit.

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