The Pursuit Of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness

When happiness knocks your door, you say; “I am already very happy, come back when I am upset ‘! This un-thankful mind set which is inborn in ‘today’s humans’. Yes un-gratefully I call them ‘todays humans’. That is because “The prosperous and healthy man, who has  access to all physical comforts and cultural refinements, has not conquered happiness He still finds plenty of occasions to be unhappy. Our thirst for happiness in the world is never satiated. I always wonder Quest for happiness runs as a recurrent theme for everyone since ages. Abraham Lincoln journeyed through his life from ‘a log cabin to the White House’ by dint of hard work. He had to study in the light of street lamps as his parents could not afford expenses of lighting inside their house.

Lai Bahadur Shastri, one of the most widely respected Prime Ministers of India, had to swim across a river daily to reach his school as he could not afford the expenses of a boat ride. Steady and continuous efforts leading to success often constitute the road to happiness. Many thinkers, therefore, believe that ‘happiness is development, not pleasure’. But I think’ happiness is a ‘traveler’ it keeps exploring and it never stays anywhere forever’.  And hope is an anchor to the soul. Keeping hope is another way to live happy.

The more autonomous a person is in his life, the happier he is. It does not mean isolation from others. As a social being, a man has to interact with others, with social environment and also with the natural environment. He has to earn his livelihood in society. He must have means of earning his bread. Many of us give up on our own lives shamelessly by giving a way to inferiority complex in oneself. which is one horrible state of mind.To be happy means being at peace with one’s self and with the world and to make happiness keep visiting you one must be thankful to whatever comes your way and stop regretting on what you never had or got, though you slogged for it forever, Because happiness is a ‘traveler’ it never stops exploring!





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