Never let the ‘Spark’ Die



Never let the ‘Spark’ Die


‘I come from a land of billion sparks; isn’t that cool?’

-Chetan Bhagat

‘I love giving lectures to people though they hated me for that’, whenever I had speech giving seminars  I always arose super-excited. i had this tingling in my stomach.  I remember holding a sand twister in my hand waiting for my turn to come.  I was very curious , I wanted the whole auditorium to be filled with my voice , loud and clear . I called this this excitement the ‘spark’ within you which makes you truly alive. I will be telling you more about keeping the spark igniting. Or to put it in another way, how to be happy most of, if not all the time.

This Zeal as in Spark , we are born with them. My niece and nephew have million sparks, they get thrills from creaky swings in the park. They do daily countdowns and wait for their birthday parties – several months in advance. But when I see older people I don’t find that spark in them. So does that mean as we age, the spark fades?. People whose sparks fades are very much dull, dejected ,aimless and bitter. Remember jab we met , how kareena’s sparks faded in the other half?.  That is what happens when the spark within one is lost. So ‘how to save the god damn Spark?’. Imagine the ‘spark’ in those olden days lamps? The first aspect is nurturing – to give your spark the fuel,continuously. To nurture , always have big goals in life, I guess its human nature to strive, improve and achieve ones’s full potential.  Infact that is when end up meeting success.

Most of us are from middle-class families. To us having material landmarks is success and rightly so. But I think having money is not achieving everything its not the purpose of life . I look at Mr. Ambani india’s bussines tycoon, he would not show up for work everyday. Shah rukh khan would stay home and not act anymore. Steve jobs would not work hard to make better iPhones. Why do they keep doing things then? What makes them come to work? They do it because ‘it makes them happy’, ‘it makes them feel alive’.  Like just imagine ; if you study hard you will get better grades . if you practice cricket , it will get better. you must also know that you cannot become Tendulkar ,  yet . but you can get into ‘next level’.  Striving for improvement is more important than reaching the race-end line first.

To be happy we have to accept the way it is. There is no point if you get a promotion ,when you cannot spare a pinch of time for you family. There is no fun driving car if your back hurts. Even shopping isn’t fun if your head is clouded with tensions. You must have read some quotes- life is tough , has tougher race, it’s a marathon and so on.  No, Life is like those of races in nursery school. Where you run with a lemon on a spoon. If the lemon falls ,  there is no point coming first. Same with the life , Where ‘health and relationships are Lemons’. Don’t take life seriously . We humans are like ‘prepaid card with limited validity’. If we are lucky we may last another fifty years ; that is 2500 weekends. Why do you have to get so worked up? Its’s fine to bunk some classes,goof up some interviews, fall in love, slap your best friends boyfriend’. We are humans , not programmed devices. When you were young feel you are like others in the  . when you grow a little older you realize you are drastically unique . what you feel and what you believe makes you different even from the people closest to you. This creates conflicts. Sometimes  You give up on things which meant soo much to you once for your family . Never ever take comprimises. Love yourself first ,and then the others. ‘Orelse the spark would die’.



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