Starve Akin to a Poor

Starve Akin to a Poor

Ramadan is the ninth holy month in the Islamic calendar. It’s considered fifth pillar in Islamic religion. Let’s brief more about the Islamic ethics, culture and laws. The Five Pillars of Islam are basic five acts in the Islamic religion. It’s considered mandatory by the believers in a Muslim life. If I go around lecturing about the Islamic calendar, then it’s the lunar calendar consisting of 12 months just as a normal calendar possess.  Ramadan happens to be one of the months.

Ramadan is the month where a Muslim refrains from consuming liquid and food he also refrains from committing sins like swearing, backbiting and procrastinations and this lasts from dawn until sunset. It’s a month where rich healthy men around the world starve just like poverty stricken, needy man. I remember on my first fast at the age of 10 when I mumbled to my mother “Mum I Feel thirsty, and I am overflowing with starvation”. My Mother blurted “Think about the poor and needy, who doesn’t get a piece of bread one whole day”. ‘Think about the children who go to bed without two proper day meals my dear’. I bowed in disappointment that I couldn’t handle my hunger. But my mother walked up to me, she narrated me the story of the last messenger of god Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Even he was upset on knowing that his believers and followers suffered from extreme starvations and he never knew it, he was unaware that mothers had to fake their children cooking stones in huge vessels, promising that food will be served until they they woke from their sleep”. She said that it’s good to at least feel the pain of the other.

Ramadan is not a month where you don’t eat and drink for eight hours, it’s also month where “You sit beside a poor and break your fast, you eat and share dates”. Anyone wouldn’t differentiate a poor and a wealthy man in this month. Everyone is weighed according to his good deeds, his prayers made. It’s a month to feel hunger, hunger the poor people face every day and share the sorrow of sick people, to review our lives and get closer to our inner self.


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