I feel crowned; do you?


I feel crowned; do you?

Sometimes we become so skeptical that we feel affronted by our own veil. It becomes a conjecture, that we wouldn’t look prettier than the ones who don’t cover their head. Does that depict that we have a stronger iman (belief)? Or is it the vice-versa ?

I took up hijab/veil recently (yes i did !) .i did this, when i was drowning in solitude. ‘When no one’s around you, then it’s just your hope or your faith in something which keeps you away from falling apart’. (not being religious though..) I had always been narcissist. I flaunted my looks ,showing my head, fancying my hairstyles and so on. I was lost in disgrace. I suppose I was panged in sorrows, regrets and deceived by imbecile. I reckon my faith and my belief rescued me out, brought me to face a bright hay day, from the lurid. The peevish pride i had once as a  seemed absurd now.

I knew i was pleased to show people around me ‘how blessed I felt, every time I covered my head’. I wished to explain my euphoria when I am with veil. It was new to people , they were in admonition . They questioned “why veil so sudden”? In answer I would just smile, because I had not framed the gratitude in words, for my veil. I just replied saying ‘I feel crowned’. Nevertheless I was seen wryly. I benighted with the fact that ‘I was the odd one out’.

Most of us are dejected, because we cover ourselves. This is a ‘gritty piece of thought’ . ‘No! ‘ the muslim veil are not gradations of mental slavery’ . No, we don’t hide ourselves in drapery . the veil does not restrict a women’s beauty.  it does not restrain them, confines them , or groom’s them for the docility and lastly it does not blinker your vision and your destiny’ it simply defines a women’s  modesty’ . It  gives women respect, place, position and status on the bases of knowledge, character, dignity and modesty. We aren’t oppressed. Nonetheless its not even about right but choice.” It’s a different perspective were I would say ‘when I am in public my sexuality is in my control’ and people must deal with who I really am and not judge me based on my hijab or veil. In Muslim countries women with hijab/veil are respected and treated politely whereas in Muslim suppressed countries (India, US, UK) women covered with niqab and hijab are ridiculed and misbehaved with.

Women with hijab/veil are considered to be naïve, helpless and not too liberal. Lets trace the scenes from the movie My name is khan.How Shah Rukh Khan’s sister inlaw felt de-modernised when she covered her head. That must not be any Muslims vibe. One thing about Islam is, no law is forced . Yes , absolutely its our vehement right but it can also be a choice. when you cant do something perfectly, we redicule it. it shouldnt be so.Let us respect the religious symbols and right of all believers and be tolerant to maintain a culture respecting Inter Faith dialogue and religious co-existence.


9 thoughts on “I feel crowned; do you?

    1. @Moniesh.You cannot overlook the fact that ,in India Muslim women are looked down upon about just because they wear a hijab.Merely flaunting a long beard or hijab makes muslims primary suspects in terrorism related activities.This is also depicted in indian movies.Saris are socially acceptable where as burqa is criticized..

    1. its pretentious to know what circumstances are been brought by every other religion to one . as sania has mentioned the talk is not even about religion but women, then well she is very much right. women are whistled when half-naked and insulted when fully covered. yes you are very much correct. you must be one of them who doesn’t care about women covering, but u may also be one among 100. 🙂

      i would just say . well done sania!

  1. She mentions about ‘Suprression’ as in compared to Arab countries. There Islam is the leading religion. hence i guess she has just compartmentalized india in muslim supressed country.
    there are things which we ourselves are unaware of knowing whats happening around other than us is a good thing. thanks sania.

  2. Islamic rules are not forced . our assumptions have brought in wrong beliefs. And thus scenes like’ Islamic women oppression’ are made too obvious). There were few incidents in the newspapers were women in Iran(some Islamic country) were giving up on ‘hijab’ boasting about freedom. Which brings nothing but shame to us , because no law forces women on against their rights. its just a basic rule which stand guards our belief. This brings bad name and nothing else.May our lord bless them all . Ameen

    good one sania. jazakh allahu khairun

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