Stride to a better India


#1.Keep your morals Intact

       According to me first step to ‘be a change’ in order to ‘bring a change’ is one must never bend his morals. For any lasting change to happen in the country , our society has to change in terms of its behavior, Attitudes and values . Its easy , even for fun to blame the politicians for any wrong in the nation. Politicians only reflect what society thinks.  This wasn’t easy for me say so fluently. “Once I remember’, when I was walking with my biology teacher on the streets of some  bus-stand area, I intentionally commented on one of the politician who had created havoc few years back in india. That lady; as in my teacher looked at me and threw a question on my face asking “ how is a president being elected”?. I was buzzed , i thought about it really long and then answered dubiously “maybe indirectly or something”!? I was not sure, and then  she gave me a sly  face with an eyebrow raised (she never had dark eyebrows,felt like she never had them) . she said see this where we go wrong we don’t know anything about politics but still we give vague comments on politicians.” And yes this is where we lack ‘Basic ground knowledge about india’.

Coming to the most Influential part of the topic itself  “Bending morals” or “keeping morals intact”.  I reckon, we people must talk less and do more of things.  I am trying to talk on the famous quote “Honesty is the best policy”. We keep bluffing  about it, but do we believe in it?  Yes, honesty pays but only if whole society is in it. If only you believe and the rest of the society just glares at your ‘heroic acts’ then you suffer. This would be the bottleneck obstructing change in India today. “We all wish to be honest , but we don’t want to be the only one who is Honest”.

For example when I was tutored by my biology teacher( I keep talking about my biology teacher not because she is great for me,  but she does use all the senses wisely which god has gifted each and every being )  ‘How to catch a bus in India’. I wanted to make a queue and didn’t want to push people or behave tedious , but my teacher got into the bus she yelled saying give me your hand , and when I got in she said “ yahan khud ke liye pehle jagah banao phir dusro ka socho beta”  which meant ‘make place for yourself first and then think about the others’ .  I stood perplexed, “why couldn’t people even queue”? It makes a scene to the outsiders to laugh on us!. And then they go back and state confidently about their suffice manners. (I have lived abroad from my childhood until now, my teenage)I never asked this to my teacher, because I knew she would have an answer to this but I wanted to find this one.  And I am glad that i did. ‘When the bus arrives people push and shove each other to get in. It makes difficult for everyone. For me the solution was only if they make a queue system’. And if you are the only one queuing up, while the others continue to rush in, you will be left Behind.

Thus transformation will come only if everyone decides to change together .

A majority of Indians must accept what we do is wrong and be ready to change for a better future. we need to create a set of clear values and make an effort to look into them.

 Bring a change ,be a change, See a change…

Happy independence day. Jai hind.                                                        -By Sania


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