Judgmental idiots


Judgmental idiots

We live in a world in which judgment is more than getting to know that person”.

Believe me that’s not me. I don’t judge people, nevertheless my assumptions fall in a impinge demeanor. Either ways i detest people who judge others. “She/he is boring, she/he is rude, and she/he has plenty of attitude; oh man! She/he is such an introvert” and perhaps the list goes so on. How can you just comment on someone’s character only because of their response towards you? Isn’t that profoundly unfair? Besides you never know what’s bothering them do you? (Think about it). I was preyed upon a while ago. Imagine whining of all your bad qualities in your ears just for a sec’, Ah! ‘Super annoying’. Henceforth I hate judging. But I do hear people complaining about the other, hearing them fascinates me. People complain or comment  only when they have expectations from someone or at times its just they are so bored of their lives that they want some endeavor for themselves. ‘Judging’ is a way to a powerful opinion than any other comment you pose hypothetically .it’s precisely more hurtful when you realized what you were portrayed as.

In your high school days when you ought to be a newbie, it’s very obvious that people don’t know you. And henceforth they end up noticing, commenting and eventually judging you. It would rather be easier for people who hold blissful lives from birth. They would settle down make friends, like a cake walk.

I am always being judge because of my veil. Viewers think i would be born an ‘old school’ a saint who would know nothing about social networking sites, recently released movies or even music releases or would even comprise ‘a Cool dude’ mind.  Well, this is how the world functions now, and this is how it will remain even after a zillions years (if we exist till then) in case we don’t reconstruct it. Just go peace by peace, nothing more to do about it. Start caring about each other,than being delusional.

Few days back I met this girl in my university. Under no circumstances she talked to anyone. But stayed glum, never involved in any activities but stayed in library most of the time. It was crystal clear to me that she loved books and she had chosen books as her true friend. We guys judge a book by its cover, but a book certainly never judges us. It stays loyal , traps us in its own story gives us a plot to imagine things we could never think of. Coming back to  the girl i was talking of she had scored highest that semester.Completely Versed in the subjects I was weak at. I incidentally met her at a library, i was glad she recognized me and smiled back, I happened to be her classmate off course she would have seen me screwing my subjects. I requested her to help me in my studies. Then we met an agreement how i be useful to her. when we started talking, smiling, and being together I discovered that her mom passed away in a car accident where she survived it ,but her mom didn’t. And she was resenting from months for her mother’s death. Her father went eccentric, paid all her bills but spared no attention because he himself couldn’t take the bitter truth of his wife’s death.

I ask dismissively, who are we to tell how a person must live? Who are we to tell them not to sorrow? Who are we to stop them from mourning their deepest pains? We mistake silence as ignorance, calmness as acceptance and kindness as weakness. We are this cynical society which is exonerated despite anything wrong we commit. Be nice it will strengthen you .

You don’t have to be great to start with any good, but you have to be good to be great’.


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