“When Does a Guy hit On You?”


You know when you’re in a crowd and someone is waving in your direction and you can’t tell if they’re waving at you? And you don’t want to wave back (for fear of looking like a loser if they aren’t waving at you), but you don’t want to not wave back (for fear of looking like a loser if they are waving at you)? So you do the frantic back and forth, trying to assess the situation. And then you give them a creepy half smile because you STILL can’t tell? This has happened to me like a ‘million’ times. My point is, like an uncertain wave, it has always been hard for me to tell when a boy is hitting on you.  We all girls have ostensible girl friends who would talk 24×7 about boys. You know, the girl that is always throwing around the phrase, ‘ugh! And he was totally hitting on me’. And then you make a cloud in the air, think to yourself what does that mean? Did he ask you out!? Told you, that you looked pretty? Offer you a lint roller?, Heaven’s sake could you just tell me what happened?!? Sometimes I rise too curious to know how it functions the whole, discovery based on “Is he hitting on you?” and again I think to myself, I don’t want to be that girl. And then become one Overcautious Odette. Since a long time now as i find myself unfit for relationships . I do find it difficult to examine when a guy hits on me anytime. I feel like maybe, I have lost my interest in the gender itself or maybe I have poured all my love on the previous or somone i did’nt realize i did.  Well, I am not here to speak about my wretched love life story. I would put some slots into the projector from which you decide and tell me “  Is he hitting on you/me?”.

  1. You go for a ‘daddy based business colleague party’.

There you find an enormous amount of cute+ Intelligent boys. They walk up to you ask you your name, university, interest in studies, who is the father I belong to and finally that most awaited query ‘Are you dating?’Does this query of him imply that ‘he is curious to know whether I have at least been a relationship?’ Or it’s just that he would show interest in me ‘if I say I am not dating?’And yeah, he even borrows your phone number, keeps texting you every 10 pm asking about what was served at supper. 

Well, again, I think it’s pretty safe to say the obnoxious guy who cat calls you off the street is probably not really as into you as he is into acting like a fool. If a guy is really interested, he’ll make it known. He’ll ask you to hang out one on one, or make an effort to find out more about you and what your interests are; if you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, CSI Las Vegas or CSI Miami, or if you prefer  Master chef Australia or America. But if you are an analytical, and not arrogant person, it may be something that confuses you your whole life. Like I am facing now. I find it utterly perplexing. Just when I think I know a guy’s intentions, or lack thereof I often realize I am completely wrong.

#2. Me and my  neighbour went to Subway pretty regularly and ordered the value meal.  

Once, on our way home, I noticed they forgot a crucial part of the meal. Like a hungry person who didn’t receive the sweet and sour sauce for her chicken nuggets, I was pissed. My meal was ruined! I turned to samar, and  like a starving monster yelled, THEY FORGOT OUR ^#*^$*@! COOKIES!!!! She looked extremely confused. Oh great, I thought. You got your cookie and I didn’t! . Well that’s just wonderful!! Instead, she said, Um, what cookies? And I said, Um, hellooooooooo the ones that comes with the value meal? And then she burst out laughing. You mean those cookies we got last week? That doesn’t come with the meal. Those guys were hitting on us. Well, slap me upside the head and steal my cookie! How was I supposed to know?!?! Verdict: Hit on. Well, according to her, anyway.

#3. When a guy continuously notices your friend in your anatomy class.

“I swear he was staring at you all time”. And, and he tries to bother you talking about all cute girls and then at the end states you got the prettiest eyes among all. Man, don’t you get it? . Eh’ or its just I don’t get it.

#4. When you are in a screwed up mood worried about bad dental anatomy scores. Some classmate of yours watches you sitting all alone across the table. Abruptly then grabs a chair sits next to you asking ‘what made my smile fade away’.  And then walks off after a while for not getting a squeamish reply. I pushed him away unintentionally. “That was crystal clear hitting’ you idiot.

Hopefully, I THINK i will fare better in similar situations. It’s a confusing world, ladies. But even the shyest guy will make his feelings known if he is really interested in you. That’s how it is now? Don’t be ‘Oblivious Olivia’. Now don’t ask me what’s that?  Females are intuitive by nature, so if you’re sensing signals you’re probably right.


9 thoughts on ““When Does a Guy hit On You?”

  1. aha ! witty! xD. ]
    Sania ,Brilliantly told and written .Your thoughts need more words, even i find it difficult to realize when a boy ‘hits on you’ . 😛 High5! .keep writing 🙂

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