5 Characters you’ll see at City ‘Marriages’


5 Characters you’ll see at City ‘Shaadis’

‘Marriage is the most important institution of human society. It is a universal phenomenon. It has been the backbone of human civilisation’.

I Suppose I will be civilized ‘someday’ and I hate myself for being a girl for a reason.  Its a favorite pastime talk for every aunt , ‘beti toh paraye ghar ki hoti hai”(which means a girl is born to be sent to another home; as in in-laws). Ugh! Yeah, you don’t see any enthusiasm while I am talking about it? Marriages never seemed amazing to me .Because there I get nothing new to appreciate. One man getting married to some random wealthy fathered women though he and even she had a beautiful & un-forgetfull past. But they make an agreement only because, they  fertilize a good future for their generation, ( wealthy parents+pretty guy/girl) . Exciting would be they crossing all boundaries and fleeing with the people they actually loved or so…, ‘ romantic’!  *bliss*. Alright, that’s sounds tragic and smothering. how could 2 people be together when “the whole crappy world is against them theory is applied. life becomes bitter .More overly  Indian culture does’nt respect it entirely. But, still.  Forget and Erase this  . Now read below.

I have been walking in and out of many  ‘fake grand ‘shaadis’ as in marriages, ever since i have been hopping from one venue to other because my parents persuasion. And all I possibly do is stare at people smile on their behaviors and doings. It’s a short one I have clumped…



No we are not talking about the bride (who will no doubt be in her radiant best), but her best friend or sister who’ll look so gorgeous that the photographers will be tagging behind her, all the time. She’ll be dressed just right- neither OTT nor undressed. But she usually outshines the tired –of smiling too much bride. Guys watch her every move and the bio data agents won’t be able to contain their excitement, on spotting a potential candidate.


Let’s face it. The main reason more than half the people show up for a wedding or reception is free food. But while most guests behave civilized, there would be at least one person blocking the buffet table because of all the food she pile on.  He’ll think of the grub table as his own turf and fiercely make sure that he gets the first serving of everything good.”

download (1)


If the newly-wed couple had any plans of having babies ASAP, we’re pretty sure looking at the antics of the little tots running around will set them to rethink their decision. Right from behaving like the discourteous glutton and wolfing down ice cream because their parents aren’t looking to running around, trying to disrupt conversations and yelling at the top of their lungs, these kids can be quite a handful to handle…



This uncle or aunty is the one who you’ll spot keenly watching the young’uns of marriageable ages (read/; those between the age of 18 -25)’mentally picturing them in a wedding attire either with their son or daughter for someone they are trying to’ find an alliance’ for. If they spot someone, they’ll head over with the sweetest smile, but secretly carry a profile scanner! And the targets can be sure of being interrogated thoroughly/or, for all you know, they already have their time of birth, best to steer clear of dangerous spouse spotters.




He can’t be anyone from the bride or the grooms side an uncles or dads best friend or someone random faraway relative. One trait such people have in common is an unbelievably loud voice and an unfathomable feeling of pomposity. Moving around as if the wedding couldn’t have taken place with his majesty’s presence he’ll go around bullying everyone, from the flowerist and the cateress to sometimes even the groom!

That was me thriving and enlightening you with characters in marriages I have noticed, let me know what kind of people you see around in your culture . good day fellas !

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “5 Characters you’ll see at City ‘Marriages’

    1. damn! yeaah! xD i get that a alot, cant help it . i dislike such aunties from the bottom. they want us to pull up our socks for something we are’nt even thinking off.

  1. Indian marriages are beautiful blended with bright colors.i have visited once . the Wit you added , spiced up the post . i enjoyed reading. ^^ good job .

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