Worst fright ever Worst nightmare ever

Worst fright ever Worst nightmare ever

25 February 2015

Being discontented inexplicably from dental studies, mocking teachers, college and a bunch of crooked classmates who re-named me as the scariest person.( like I am a misanthrope monster) I felt like taking a break, I wanted to stay in complete tranquility. Sleep for hours, wake up late take a bath under the dazzling sun, make coffee myself and have breakfast alone on the dining table. But things never happen to me as I plan them, they are inadvertent innumerable times.

I bewail too many of my issues on the blog?  Will this trait ostracize me? Enlighten me if I am missing the wit!

Last night, I slept over my pillow in tears.

And the remnant of formidable thoughts gave me a nightmare.  An awful vision which would bring exasperation throughout the day.

I am an extremely discourteous person. To an extreme level, I am real and impulsive. Shameless is it to confess that?

Well, then let it be. A tarnished cloth can never lose its stain. The probability is less that it would get de-colorize with vigourous push over it. I may try to change myself, but sardonically I lack that will power.

Let’s talk less of me and more of my dream.

“ I left my college at sharp 2:30 pm,  reached home by 3:30 pm due to traffic.The watchman wasn’t near the gates as usual,  I walk up to the lift  press floor 4 and hurry to my flat as I wanted to use the washroom. The main door was unlocked. I tossed the bag in the air and rushed in. I couldn’t find anyone home. I looked anxiously for familiar faces. A while, then my stomach grumbled with noises within. I was starving. The fridge was six steps away from me, wide opened and spilled with drinks. I guessed it was my brother who did it. I mocked him for eating my share of desert. I went up to the kitchen to see if something was cooked, but the kitchen was so clean, that I sniffed the only jiff washing liquid. That moment I hated my mother for not preparing delicious food on my arrival. I was too tired, I sat on the couch called up dad  to know whether they forgot to inform me about their disappearance. But the phone was switched off. And perpetually I hated him for keeping his voice away from me. I was now a little bewildered. I used my sarcasm to ease the situation, imagined what if zombie apocalypse had struck the earth. I escalated down the stairs to the security room, questioned him about mom and dad and my brother. He looked gob smacked, like I demanded him to donate his kidney. He replied me saying ‘madam the janazah (which is known as funeral)  at nearby masjid, you don’t know what happened?.. … *puff* he vanishes like some wizard. I was puzzled and disturbed who could be at a funeral? Who passed away?  I smiled to myself ‘ah! Some neighbor, maybe’. I slowed down my breath, pulled up my sock and rushed out of the building to the masjid. I scanned faces, I ended up finding no one. It was crowded too crowded. I could see few of my relatives crying bursting their lungs out. And when I kept on asking them who is it who is it, they embrace me tight and weep again. I forced myself took my heavy steps to the corpse and as I lay my eyes on it, there an abrupt flip in the dimension of the surrounding. I was back in my bedroom. It was dark and I was wet in tears and scum from my nose. I stared at the photographs hung on the wall. There was an unspoken pain in the chest. It was the pain of repentance. I was unaware of who it would be that remained only in photographs and my memories. My lungs scorched. The other minute I could hear yelling’s on how ill-mannered spoilt I am. I began hallucinating all the misbehavior I did to each one of them. I wanted to make it stop. i screeched & whimpered. I was being killed in my sleep. I begged someone to wake me up. There was a glimpse of light in the dark. I startled and woke up exhaling heavily.”

‘Good morning, you missed your college today, what made you do that? Are you sick?’ , one on one mother interrogated pushing the curtains to let light in . I spat thrice to my left side as it prevents any harm from nightmares.” (as in Islam )

I am still baffled. What is this trying to convey?


4 thoughts on “Worst fright ever Worst nightmare ever

  1. No you aren’t missing the wit. i actually look for your blog every weekend for a new story to seek. your story resembles our same age groups. hence you are doing fantastically.
    Dreams don’t convey a message every time. they are sometimes reminiscent , bits and pieces of your lousy thoughts. it is you who decides how to en-act upon it. good day !

  2. Its been long since i have read something of yours.and this dream must have left you tranquilized for one whole damn day. family is something no one can afford to lose, because they always accept the way you are.
    love rashee.

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