Jealousy in friendship is like a fly in your soup


Jealousy in friendship is like a fly in your soup

I have always desired to voice my pretentious opinion on this ‘wildest emotion’ jelousy. And now I think I am ready to pen it down because I sense it somewhere around me every day.

Do you remember? That tale from classic English literature, where a man enters a glorious restaurant while he eats the soup a fly drops into it , and he is completely disheartened as he restrains from eating  the delicious soup?.

Would ‘YOU’ eat it?! Obviously, No. The fly amust be carrying enormous contagious diseases. You would end up lying on  bed infected with dysentery or typhoid for days. (God forbid!)

I am trying to reflect the same flaw in friendship. You cannot condone being friends with someone if your relation is contaminated with redundant insecurity. When two people are jealous of each other they become competitive with each other. Jealousy can also make someone feel insecure. If someone is jealous of their friend they might start to look at their friend as being stuck-up or arrogant.

*IRaiseMyHandHere*. I have been a victim of heinous unintentional acts which I have been accused for :-

  1. My Magical grades

I am not a well-organized in my study subjects. I do the most ghastly work in there. I never appreciated coping the exact word to word theory from the best author based book, in to a blank sheet of paper for an ‘A+ GRADE label’ which decides your foreseeable future. If you ask me personally about my course then I would pliably tell you ‘I am not excited about it at all’ even now  (whoever reads this will defiantly take good advantage wagging around  misleading me  saying “you are meant to be a writer babe , what are you even doing here’? = *trying to mess with my head*). And by fluke or by means of my  brain I get better grades , then that day offers me  storming of sarcastic  vibes saying ‘you don’t even have proper notes and you get better grades?? whoops! Don’t mind babe I was just saying! You are my brainy baby*#heartsKisses*

Also the suspicion would arise like ‘babe do you study daily?’ just asking “hehehehe”….(Actually, she wanted to use more of ‘HE-HE-HE’ but she’s reluctant as that will prove that phrase unreal) . You can even encounter so called rhetoric compliments ‘you will defiantly score better than me again and my heart knows it’ which actually means, ‘I won’t let you score more than me this time you women’.

Jealousy can make friends become competitive is if someone is jealous of their friend because their friend has higher grades than them. That person is going to try to get higher grades than their friend and if they do they’re most likely going to rub it in their friend’s face which can get their friend jealous and result in both of them competing to get the higher grade. These examples prove that jealousy can make someone competitive which can eventually destroy friendship, it estranges.

  1. My Quick approaches

It’s easy for me to gain trust.  Like if you share your secret with me I would zip my mouth , as if it’s my own, I am not boasting.  I am discussing it with you. I promise! Hey listen! Don’t judge me here man! Okay, I know you did or you will. On the whole I can make friends quickly if I want and I can push them away as well .Eventually, that’s eye catching to many. 10th wonder!

Before closure, let me share another famous confabulation which I myself laugh at

oh! He talks to you a lot these days, don’t you think??? What’s going on haaaaaaaaan??

(Which means how do you do it B****?).

  1. Having a Best-Male-Buddy

“You know what?  I ‘really’ really’ really’ like your friendship with him!” (Sparkling eyes)

The tangible meaning, ‘Is he blind? What does he see in crappy you? So intense, so right and critical all the time. He is nuts & he needs help”

  1. Shared by Sisters.

Nope! I am not calling myself a delicious piece of cake on which someone would drool over. I am sharing my experience of being friends with similar bloodline sisters, who become my friends. Or I friend them. Both the ways its foolishness.

XYZ : Heyyyyyy you!


XYZ: you sound low


XYZ: Alright! You know what happened?


XYZ: my mother and I argued over a silly topic again. Though it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything okay? She started it, and I got lite up. You know I can’t take the blames over doing nothing!

ABC: Hmm.

XYZ: just hmm? What’s wrong? Spill!

ABC: you wish my sister saying good morning sunshine’ and I get only a Morning!

XYZ: LOL! WHAT? what are you saying? Are You drunk? . you must be tired , i guess  nap will do .


I am blocking you Bitch! -_-

———- OVER AND OUT——-


  1. I may crush you, If you crush on my crush.

 I so hate this part. This is the phase where your friend whom you love and care about, thinks or acts dubious assuming you like the guy she likes. She may never utter a word, but their body language will speak in volumes. She may appear nonchalant, uninterested or even irritated by positive things happening in your life.  Lastly, she will obstinate you.

I would be careful with that guy he is a flirt, he is not that cute, and neither good for you, so please stop talking about him”.

Or else she would secretly speculate, keep a watch over him and you. Cut your talks among people. Prove you wrong every single time as in invoke others. Act eccentric with you (which *whatever* expressions). Tell others what bad traits you intend to have,  add fuel to low simmering fire.


All I Got to say to you is :-

“Are you insane? Cant you see it ? I  am not over my ex yet .

Melancholy, no one will ever want to know how you feel when they are sailing in an ocean of insecurity.

I conclude we do not have the power to control the feelings of others but we do have the ability to choose not to harbor fear, anxiety, anger or resentment, which are all characteristics of jealousy.An unresolved negative emotion will one day explode, destroying everything and everyone in its path. If you detect jealousy among your friends, or perhaps your own heart, deal with it.

Don’t let it destroy something as precious as your friendship.

“A wise man once said, “Love is strong as death, but jealousy is cruel as the grave.”


11 thoughts on “Jealousy in friendship is like a fly in your soup

  1. Their jealousy or insecurity will cripple them from celebrating with you, not realizing that when you shine, they shine, and vice versa. Intresting event.
    good !

  2. Obviously, society has evolved and jealousy is no longer needed as a means for motivation for survival and can do more harm than good in your friendships.

  3. When you realize that your path in life is unique and unlike anyone else’s (including that of your friend), you’ll see that feelings of jealousy are a wasted emotion that just saps your energy. In other words, allowing jealousy to seep too far into your mind and heart will actually take you away from your own happiness.

    i liked reading your blog.

  4. Dear Jealousy is Human Nature..its Nvr Changed.. However Good Friends u may get in ur Life bt one or the other day unknowingly Jealousy will be created in betwn U both….!!
    Happy to read ur Blog
    ****Appreciable 🙂

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