Do we need psychiatrists?

This  isn’t’ about what is going just around  my vicinity , but even yours !. These talks i am going to raise would have striked you, but why would bother yourself to think on it.I reckon you must be engaged in preparing for your minor subject tests to become a doctor or engineer, or else hooked to your phone from couple of hours or more overly you would be poking your crush on Facebook every 12 hours without any delay of minutes. No, i am not being judgmental, but i Am wasting a lots of time thinking about things people don’t even know off. which must be utter stupidity or conceited can even be paranoia? 

So do i need a psychiatrist?

My father grunted among his business investors in a dinner party; “India has all of it , ‘Man power, money and resources’“.. and i could even hear the rest of his friends saying “Exactly what i wanted say sir” ! but you no right the ‘corrupt politicians’? The other man next to him continued saying so.I wonder why the politicians are everyone’s punching bags. The argument or the talk was just not entirely right? after all we elect the politicians. Don’t we?  someone who is from the same religion, someone from same cast, someone who would benefit us as he enters the party?.

Three traits  are not appropriate in India i guess, because i wouldn’t claim without your approval . Our school , our environment and our home

At school our education system hammers and kills our individual voices and kills creativity. when we disagree with the teacher.

My notorious sibling recently argued with his teacher on ‘why his syllabus includes  vastly about ‘french revolution’ , instead there could emphasize more about Major Articles of our Indian Constitution.  Since clarifications upon ingenious asked questions are not replied the persistence Of such unanswerable question multiplies, Thus killing the spark to involve in ‘whats happening in India?

Then comes the numbness to corruption.  ‘we pay a little for the troubles we create’. The  value system that anything goes ‘so long as you can get away with i, a bit of lying and cheating is acceptable .

Lastly our religion our culture and our language are revered. Even today we vote on criterion-caste. we don’t wish to sit next to a Hindu or a Muslim while we travel in buses. We talk to them with an inferior thought.

Well ,we all need self psycho therapy for free, because free serves as a purpose   of good. *wink*


One thought on “Do we need psychiatrists?

  1. Why don’t you make any comparisons withthe other countries?
    That last sentence – hits the nail on the head. I hope I can expand this discussion in the days to come! cheers 🙂

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