Do you belong to a high-society? Is it a Blessing Or a Blight?

Wealthy familes. are they happy?
Wealthy families. are they happy?

Do you belong to high-society? Is it a Blessing Or a Blight?

If compressed, then it must be a couple of months since I have drafted something from my opinions. If you show concern, then, your answer may lie in my title up here. 

Today, I walked out of a movie by ‘Zoya Akhtar’ the finest director of Bollywood. Who brings only sensible movies with more of reality, and not any vague fantasies or funny ‘boons or banes’ kind where the protagonist comes on a white horse to rescue you from the evil bad guys. Not any of fallacious storyline is depicted in her movies.

What I am trying to draw or display is about today’s ‘high-Society’rooted humans. Like we have low class, middle class and upper class. In my opinion, the Lower class wants to dart the middle class lifestyle, the Middle Class is Bubbling up castles in the air to become ‘Big Shots’ in a fortnight and the Upper class gulping anxiety pills with every hefty bill they pay formidable on seeing sinking of their handmade paper boats. Most of us look at upper class people as the most blessed one who eat the most whimsical slice of cake. But everything we see isn’t the truth, it’s a perspective. Everything we hear isn’t the truth, it’s an opinion. By the same token, every upper class isn’t contented. Their lives are whirlpools of lies rivalries and unrequited desires. We are  blindfolded by the thought that  it’s been better to let our hearts lead the way, no matter how complicated matters may become as a result of our words and deeds.  

Most of the rich families are dysfunctional. Fathers engaged in oceans of profits and losses. Mother’s correcting their blemishes by world’s best skin clinic & the kids distant from their parents for studies abroad in order to be tagged as “ABROAD EDUCATED”. ‘He studied from Gale University’, I am so proud of my child, ‘he is the owner, the heir of everything i leave after death(business it is). The girl is given everything she even thinks of by mistake.she gets bored of her life.. From birth, she is treated like a princess. She completes her higher education, and sooner or later she gets married to another business tycoon so that the family now has linked with another rich family and she can carry; the high-society’s gene along the way’.She is confined to a circle of  Rich goons. Love on the outer circle of high-society would be the ticket to be rented off the family.  ‘No Hippies, no childhood friends with lower salary fathers’. No Divorce after marriage if in case any problem persists, you aren’t happy or whatever maybe it. You have to be tied forever in a relation which haunts you. Sacrifice is another name for women in any condition. Parents try to uproot middle class values as they have everything.


As wealth keeps coming kids would grow up craving for affection, attention, involvement and care from their parents but all they get would be education, Loui Vuitton shoes and Zara courtesy. We aren’t qualified to complain  because the bit that you are enjoying is what your parents squandered from the time they had 50 Rs /50 cents  in their pockets.The phase that the kids embrace is either bound, full of good values or bad values. If they manifest bad values they are defiantly withering vengeance to their parents or maybe trying to pull the sight for help. And if and only if, they pick set of good values its must be that they want to silently speed up their youth in a haste to have their own wellbeing with no harm caused to others.

Dysfunctional families are unique in Indian manner.  The parents are concerned about status, appearances and ‘log kya kahenge’ (what would people think).

We always say money shouldn’t get in the way when it comes to friendship but it’s equally true when it comes to family relations. Money corrodes a loving family, it turns out to be a curse. Not always though. More overly ,you don’t share a table for dinner, you don’t share your thoughts. Husband wants to make more money, ognorance is not acceptable by the  she  wants a life too. Kids look for parent’s attention. Probably its just the warmth of a family you crave for life and then you blame or lose your nerve onto what has happened.

What a wealthy dysfunctional rich family would need to be functional again is just. A pinch of respect for each other, few minutes to spare and parents. Because they are center of the family, in charge and pulling  one another together in the same direction.

 “Treat each other as we wish to be treated in turn.” It was true way back when and it’s still true now.


6 thoughts on “Do you belong to a high-society? Is it a Blessing Or a Blight?

  1. The way you use your money will be the main determinant, I believe, that will determine how happy you will be. Duh, I think that sounds stupid but… The more money you have, the more tools are available for you to live a fuller life. Therefore, if you can appreciate beauty and surround yourself with art, if you can appreciate diversity and travel the world to grow, If you appreciate growth in humanity and invest in uplifting humanity and yourself, If you appreciate your family and invest time in enjoying and showing them all how to be greatfull in the world, (i.e. living life with them) if you appreciate knowledge and learn all the wonders that stir your curiosity, if you appreciate challenges and you use the money to receive challenges, If you enjoy changing injustices and do so, I think you’ll be pretty happy. i appreciate what you have written down. but it is also my opinion on this which i would like to share.
    I DO Appreciate your topic .
    good day ! 🙂

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