“What happens when, somebody that you use to know comes back?”


Whenever my relatives find me sitting idle, or away from any non-reproductive effort, it bothers them. Its because they are completely outdated with certain things I may be doing around them and not including them into it. They mumble “Sania aren’t you a medical student? Which means you are supposed to be bound by books?”  I would respond creating bubbles of thoughts upon my heads saying “why do you even care?. I reckon, it’s because I didn’t compliment your new Pakistani dress legitimately exported from Pakistan’! *burst the bubble*. i just Ignore you with a smile.  I have my finals in next 10 days, I am too saturated with books,  staying home alone, plus, I am ‘Fasting’ so to kill time till ‘Magrib’ I really wish to draft down an unsolicited thoughts in this 30 mins.

Heard that brilliant song by Gotye ft. Kimbra ‘Somebody that I use to know’?. Lately, I can’t restrain from discerning what would I do or respond to someone who I use to know if I see him/her again. Many of us would have had Ex’s. Ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, ex-fiance, ex- classmate, ex-best friend or ex-special friend (if there is something of that sort existing).  And that person you have known *puff* vanishes in a speck of dust for years and years you never see him. And one finest day you see him?10 meters away from you. (whoop! chills across your spine?) Let me try & draw you some random coincidences saying, what if i encounter any similar one.

Your Ex-boyfriend/Girlfriend

Imagine, that girlfriend or boyfriend whom you had been with for like some 2-3 epic years of your life, the reason of your separation which took you down the rail  was your attitude towards his/her possessiveness.

What if you see him/her after nearly 10 years, in your Child’s first day of school? *Grin*

If it was me then…

I would grab my kid aside in the next heartbeat and whisper into her/his ears “Baby you need to stay away from that girl/boy whom you stood next to and smiled back while you entered your class ” he/she doesn’t seem good to me. because you see maama knows the best for you.

“what?” i am just playing a protective mom!

Your Ex-Fiance

Your Ex-fiance, who had rejected you because you were an extremely self-governing person. He had his gender power imposing on you which asked you stay under him, but you didn’t approve of it. And then the relation finally crashed.

What if you see him in a supermarket after some 3-4 years, carrying all sorts of groceries with awful tiredness on his face, right behind his wife?

Spitefully, “At least I would have carried half the groceries behind you with my self-governing attitude you stud.”

Your Ex-classmate

That classmate who used to cheat along with you in exams.  Study and discuss undiscovered answers of a subject. Gossip about students who had boyfriend and parental issues. And only because of different educational choices you got drifted apart?

What if you meet her/him in your marriage reception?

It would be an absolute amazement. The bride would lose her mind and yell in public if she has to so it goes like “OMG  ‘XYZ’ (can’t think of a name so I make use of ‘xyz’ to name a person) how are you? It’s been 6 years, ages!.. You look exactly the same like back then. The other lady if ‘PQR’ “ I might look the same, but you look prettier now than…. You know back then!?!?” (Indirectly commenting on their previous bad looks). In reply the other one-on-one,  oh thank you babe, so are you married, getting married, engaged or dating? … Well, I am getting married to a businessman settled in Canada saying the ‘PQR’ (as I said can’t think of any names now). Here, comes the cliche where both the women talk about their partner’s looks, bank balance and family status without asking each other unswerving. Like, “how any typical Indian would decorate a vanilla cake with a cherry on top just to show your arriving NRI guests that even you have a class or taste in confectioneries”? . Similar to that. This is not it, give them another 5 minutes they would keep talking about other friends and their husband’s status , parents, his affairs as well .

Your Ex-best friend

You were the cool buddies of school, then college, your professional lives also merged but only because of a girl/guy between you both changed your directions from right to left and left to right?

What would you do if you see him/her after some 5 years?

I would be in a pool of shame or I would still be in a pool of vengeance that our friendship had not mattered but a girl who came in between us for a month did.

“hey you ! , whats up?.  in reply, i am good. Me: So what have you been doing?. In reply: i am a software engineer. Me: alright . In reply : what about you? .Me : i am practicing in a clinic . In reply : alright (exchange of smiles). Me: okay ! whatever i FAIL TO  pretend anymore. you bitch? you chose that guy over me? i would have happily given up upon him for you? . in reply : oh please dont start you looser you were the one who told him to dump me didn’t you?.  Me: what nonsense?  he told me that you asked him to stay away from me? In reply : oh please give me a break! why would i do that? how could you even think i did that to you?.

Both of us puzzled .  utter silence will lay around us.

me : so he played us.  In grief.

in reply . yes he did. what a moron!

me: umm.. lets just ..just

In reply: forget it?

Me: so how have you really been…..

True friendship Never EndS.

Your Ex-special friend

That one person who was a perfect Stranger to you from the beginning. The pull that brought you together was unseen . That relation could never be categorized. It was just rainbows and butterflies in air. That person who had a great impact on your life pushed you away on some silly argument and picked a new life with no you in it .And like the beginning, it had to end like strangers.

What would you do if you see him/her in a hospital handling  a new born baby of his own after years ?

What would I do?

Well, I am still thinking on it…





7 thoughts on ““What happens when, somebody that you use to know comes back?”

  1. ↪↪Hmm.. If I See such strange person back in my Life pleading..,,, I would say f9…but betr stay away.. Coz already suffered a lott..!!! Well it’s a Good thought that u brought up…

    1. well , even i think i would walk away.But again my instinct is is that keeps control of me.so i dont know what would i do there.
      Thanks for reading 🙂 ♡

  2. The song is compelling enough with its intriguing, minimalist opening, tale of a relationship gone bad. your last subheading is a good match for a picturing with the song.
    I would do similar things as you have planned to.
    good talk !
    goodluck writing

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