The Art of Perceiving Your Parents


“You never know your parent till the time you become one”.  ‘Said by whom? , ‘No one famous,‘Anonymous’ someone. ‘I just said what I heard through the means of air’.

This moment, when I look at my mother, I see her performing “Surya Namaskar ” (A type of meditation) with all her soul in it. I feel to accolade her. But the way she accuses me of being no good in the kitchen compared to some random homely daughter. I turn on to her. She wants me to stay akin to a tiny little kiddo, but then again on the other side of the coin ,she wants me to be that mature lady as well. Come on? How can one person be two faced? On top of that I hate two faced people. “Originality is any day better than plasticity” (CAUTION:-“Plastic is hazardous to health; if burnt you know when it goes into garbage it cannot be recycled and…then…you understood I guess”).

While I look at my father, “well, he is not at home, ‘so technically I see nothing!”.

From a toddler’s height for a teen’s work ethic to an adult child’s marriage, moms and dads may be among the worst judges of their kids. But there are deeply adaptive reasons for parents’ enduring misconceptions. What they had been through is one of the apt reasons.  Mothers and fathers see their children as they want to see them—often, as they’ve seen them since birth. Like, “My daughter would be” or “My son should be”.  Once they picture what has to be dealt with you. Perhaps, you know ‘the drill’.

So where do I begin from? My Father, an extremely honorable man in my eyes, has always shelled me from certain things. Things which I may not know a lot about, but he would. He wouldn’t let me be ‘rough-and-tumble’ girl among people.  He would rather pray, for my brother to be so, which he is not; (From the parenting book of ‘How strictly a boy & girl must behave across their kin’). Yeah, that’s the book every growing parent reads.

Why the Parentology doesn’t help to get intact with the child? Why does every child at some point hate, dislike disapprove, complain on a parent’s opinion? I agree, that at least 20-30% of step parents exist. They wouldn’t like seeing you, talking to you and wrong, you forever, because you aren’t from their blood and bone. Though I wouldn’t say all of them are full of hatred. As again think about that every mother who has oxytocin secreted during labor responsible for liberating deep care and love. The pain she takes to throw us out into the world  could not be mentioned.  And then think about that every irresponsible, foolish, Casanova sort of man who turns into a wonderful father without any training. Why would they ever conceal, protect or disapprove or claim over your choices willingly by causing us pain?

It’s hard to apprehend such a contentious subject too soon. Right?

If you are a teenager or anyone who is not a parent yet then read on. Even if you’re a parent, you can read about.




A parents thought would be “who is he?” what does he study? “How old is he?” ‘What does he do?’ ‘Who are his parents’? What do they do?’…

Your notion, “whoever he is, He is so nice” (twinkling eyes).

What we picture is a beautiful life with the most charming person on earth.

What our parent’s picture is quite complex. It would be an equation which requires and addition of ‘what nature the person you love carries, so that he treats you brilliantly. How pleased he is with his own parents. What others talk about him. How much accomplished he might be, or what pursuit he is following, so that his makings provide us a gleeful life, if in case it works out.  A father never approves of the man his daughter picks. Since he has had a closer look from the inside of a man, as he is a man himself.

So in the end just let it go if you have to choose between the two. Because you can get another boyfriend but not a new parent. Maybe you really deserved better? Or you know what? Make it possible with your parent’s heart in it. Huh?


My father wanted me to be an identical, ‘Whoosh a mastermind in Mathematics’ just as he had been. Nonetheless, if every single person is the similar copy of the before, what’s the fun?  How could we evolve?!?  How will ‘eureka’ yakked? Think, think, think, and explode you minds.

Parents think that either it’s ‘my genes’ that are going to make my kids like me, or my upbringing and how I raise my kids that are going to make them like me,”

Can’t blame them if they are a bit selfish. It’s for your welfare. Loathing, despising it’s a ‘No way-out zone’. They love you and they want the best for you.

According to my survey, Indian parents never let you choose your taste of education, no wonder India has many liable Professions.

It is a parent’s responsibility to look out for your welfare, that is why they set rules. It is not their intention to ruin your life or make you miserable. It is a big responsibility to raise a child,and they do not want to fail. If they do not set expectations for school performance, or they give you too much freedom, their fear is that you will sabotage your future. They realize that what is fun at sixteen can result in life being limited and stressful when you are forty. What happens between the ages of say fifteen to twenty-two determines the kind of life you will have for the rest of your days.

‘If now you condemn and castoff your well wishers, there will be a day when you will sink into a quicksand of your own”.Many argue that art cannot be defined, the same way even parents cannot be perceived.Art is generally understood as any activity or product done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose—something that expresses an idea, an emotion or, more generally, a world view. And a Parent gives you the sight to see the world .

Bless you  all.


11 thoughts on “The Art of Perceiving Your Parents

  1. lovely! it was a random read for me today .
    i do hate my mom for rejecting my girlfriend few years ago . but i think i will let it go now .
    Thanks sania

  2. I Will definitely work with my parents now . since i am 30 . And now that i read the words of a 20 year old i should have grown up until now.
    your facebook link?
    good read .

  3. I’m kind to my Parents…. Coz they struggled a lott for my family… After reading ur blog.. O wow… Parents kind of views r different but are not bad evrytim… Right…!! Love ur momdad.. 🙂

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