Baby, Pain has made you this Impassive?

The above image clearly scrutinizes my thought for the day and probably, this Beautifully hectic month. My fingers have been chapped because of daily basis work I did in practical lab. In the beginning, I felt beset for the peeling of skin, burns and cuts. Then a few days later I realized I had no choice I had to built up endurance. And now I reckon, it doesn’t matter any longer. Yes, it took time. Time is something which doesn’t heal anything but gives you a hope to live with the pain.

It’s lurid to see when people go hard on others because they have become  nimble with any sized problems they are capable to face. Like the belligerent warriors in wars. They die on just the commands of their masters discarding all possible anticipations of sustenance with their families. It’s absurd to me, I promise.

The point is, in this age none  wants to feel for the rest. Do you ask why? Even I ask why? Its intricating.

Bubble up a imagery.

Now ,let your  disheartened intimate walk  up to you, and vomit out her tension on you , like example , serious illness of her any beloved (god Forbid). Besides , you had crossed that one barbarous phase where you had seen your most pretentious personality pass-away. The intimate tells , “ITS NOTHING YOU KNOW? I HAVE  SEEN WORSE ,MY ‘SO AND SO’ DIENG A BRUTAL…. “. Damn it?! You had to say that to perturb her?

On hearing her tension her disturbed life tales , How would you respond?

( if you want to share something , you can put your words down there in the box below as well).

Another one.  The most common one for you and me.

“The break up.”

You just fell into a break up pit. You are skirmishing to come out of it. Okay?Make this event parallel to, you genuinely toppling into a pit.

” You are struggling, you are feckless,your terrible and succumbed. After a while  there you see someone walking by, giving his hand to you but abruptly withdrawing it and blurting , “I had fallen in a similar pit few days ago, I came out , no one helped me back then .why should god be so fair to you? So find your way fella , I am not your hero.”

Straightly contemplating, the one you are sharing your ‘break-up talks would enlighten you to ‘let it go’ brushing off your whining.  They would rather be like ,” I have been through a tougher slot buddy . This is such a minute quandary”.

One fails to understand why the other acts differently.

The Last one.

Parental issues. Is like any milieu. It’s in the air. What I mean to signify is  that we  share the same air the alike issues, we breathe it in and out together. Hence to me, every parental issues are identical. Divorced, Disputes,step-parents,least concerned parents etc etc.

Numberless have proffered it discarding serenity .But the imperceptible cultivates violent emotions, change in behavior and certainly becomes oblivion. Artlessly, saying he or she doesn’t have a normal interaction with anyone because he is fighting ‘how to be’ or ‘what to be?’.

It is  harsh to say , “oh! Your parents are getting divorced? Well , it’s alright , my parents are already”.  you must be eliciting the truth, but also the reality is you are over it and it’s just begun for her/him.

As long as” Once the storm is over , you wouldn’t remember how you made it through , how you managed to survive.You won’t even be sure, in fact whether the storm is really over. But this one thing is damned certain. When you come out of it you won’t be the same person who walked in”.

So stop stealing the right of the other to feel ,to complain to resent, to cry,to change, to wither off and grow again.

You are discombobulate , you are rugged , you are sloppy.

I am mystified, I am obliged to ask, “Baby ,the pain has made you this impassive?”.



Based on a  friend who has transformed all impassive now.                                                                                                    


Good day, god bless you . 


15 thoughts on “Baby, Pain has made you this Impassive?

  1. You have people literally not caring about what happens to another, people that turn a blind eye to moral and social injustice, people discriminating against others.

    So your message is to stop the hate, stop the cruelty, and take into account how others feel. Sometimes the biggest deal to a depressed person is when someone says, “I like your shirt.” So be kind to people, and spread love not hate.

    Liked it Sania.
    You too have a wonderfull day .

  2. How should the people who has not seen any sort of shit in life must respond? how t o react to such?.

    Good day to the Good Writings.
    Your thoughts portray your beauty within and out Sania.

    1. Umm dear ,firstly thanks for following and reading.

      I am too dazed ,that you really want to understand certain citcumstances . Kudos to you!

      Nextly, how to respond to some one who is suffering is not an easy task. Because to such people i myself tremble to talk to .They remain fragile within and any sort of stress could break them or hurt them. No matter how gleeful they look to us .

      What i do is simple. Atleast I know what not to blatter . One thing is never say ” Things become easier” rather pick saying “Make it easier for yourself “. It definatly doesnt hurt the other, as she herself is confined to do the best for herself.

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks once again.

    1. Bonjour Vincent,21 BALANÇOIRES ne dure qu’un mois simplement parce qu’il y aura plein d&;ruqorautses évènements vraiment trippants sur la promenade des Artistes cet été!

  3. You should connect this blog to facebook and twitter so that as many as viewers could interact here with you.
    Good day sania. I VERY much enjoy reading whats in your mind.

    1. hey,
      Thanks a lot sam and my sincere apologies as i havent replied you earlier. Currently, i havnt been using any social networks.i enjoy being anti-social for the moment. i will defiantly get back to you soon enough.
      good day my lovely well wisher 🙂

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