Not a Facebook user? “Sorry, but you seem Boring.”


Social networking sites are ‘Omnipresent’. As in. Don’t you supper with it on the table every day? Don’t you sleep with it sharing your pillow? Don’t you even use it while you are emptying your bowel?
I reckon, each one of us has done one among that.

Social Networking is also one of the quickest Meditation Technique. Suppose you are stuck in a 3 hour class you earn- 2 -minutes of break to chit-chat, but as an alternative of turning to a friend — you pull out the phone and push ‘FACEBOOK-SIGN IN’.

‘Early mornings rather than seeing the bright dazzling sun you see the number of Likes earned on your previous post in Facebook’. ‘You open the unread messages and reply to those on WhatsApp’. ‘You click selfies of waking up late, on a lazy Sunday and share it on Snapchat with a tagline’.

I don’t do any of that. Because, I am not currently active on Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter; or whatever that measures ‘how a cool you are”.
“Oh! That was a brain freeze you just underwent” I get it. And now you would ask; what? Why? Did you just say “You don’t use Facebook?” ‘Really?’ I wouldn’t bother to give a vivid answer. “Hereafter, you would never talk over any of the Facebook updates thinking I wouldn’t know anything about what and how much fun Facebook Is.”
Wait. This was just a reaction. I have more.

In My Absence
“I can’t find Sania on Facebook.” ‘Has she already blocked me or something?’ Speaks Girl-1.
Girl-2 replies, “That’s because she doesn’t have an account. I wonder why?”“Sania is an extremely mature person”. “She does not like sharing her personals online”, Girl3 interrupts.

Girl1 asks again; “oh! She told you that herself?” Girl3 replies back; “No, but I just Assumed.”

‘Bro! “Sania isn’t on Facebook Bro”, Says some Random idiot.
So? “Wait a second, which Sania?”(Pretending as if he knows 100’s of Sania’s in the universe and beyond) – That was Random idiot2.
Bro! “The one who is too skinny with a veil on her head” describes the other.
Oh yeah bro! I remember! The one who……… *whispers* (They are the Dudes of the class who are incapable of putting an end to ‘sick gossiping’ – They are the ‘Modern Era Aunties’).
“Yeah, she is a Muslim right?” Confirming. Maybe that is the reason she isn’t on Facebook. I bet you.

In My Presence
“You ask her”! Hesitantly voiced by one of my classmates.
“No! Not me”, Replied the other.
‘Okay!’  i muttered , I was confused. “What’s happening ladies?” what do you want to ask? And ask who?!
The girls were glaring at each other, as if they wanted to talk about their secret relationships with their parents. ‘Yeah, I am like a damn grumpy parent at times’.
No, it’s just that, why don’t you join Facebook? You know it’s cool.
I look at them, and then put my head down piercing my eyes into the phone screen. “I use to be on Facebook, I don’t use it now.” “No good reason though, my instinct is what I listen more too”.
“But everyone loves It.” speaks one of them.
“Yeah I was just grounded years back. So I deactivated the account itself.” I lied.
“Oh! Hell!” really what did you do? Questioned by one of them again.
“Hmm. I’ll tell you when I think you should know”. “It’s time for my class now.” Bye.

And then I leave to my next lecture class, it becomes awkward when people ask you something you never want to answer.
AFTER I LEFT: “SHE IS WEIRD”! Someone confessed at least.

In My Presence
“hey Sania!” that guy was like you don’t use Facebook”. “I was like puff”, Not possible! , Babbled the buffoon.
That day the same question was circulating on everyone’s tongues.And I was exhausted. I had not prepared myself for attempting the biggest blunder of my life. Not being a part of Facebook.

Another guy joined that conversation, where I was to talk on my behalf.
He said, “You write blogs?” “Don’t you?”
“Yes, I nodded.”
He laughed out loud to embarrass me. And then he stopped, he wanted to display that he saved my esteem. Which he did not. Because according to me he did not succeed in offending me at all.
I asked, “What was the joke?”
“She didn’t get it bro”, giggling, one of the stupid one.
“I did”. But what was funny about using a blog and not Facebook? I asked again.
He continued having that sneer. He then said “Blogging these days is stupid, and not being on Facebook is boring, and old school”.

I didn’t not reply to that, because he was acting superior to me in contrast to something that is not even real. To me Facebook is just a network, which manufactures real life to look like real life. So why are we sitting on our computers, watching other people live their lives?
For one, we are afraid of being left out. On which I say, I am not.
And if it’s not this, then I would continue cuddling with my book or huddling with my friends over the phone Skyping.
It’s good to be a ‘dude’ hypothetically saying, yes, fame is everything. Being known or recognized on Facebook is the biggest achievement in my age group.
But again, how good do I really want to feel is what matters. Because the truth is I could see a little of myself in those uneasy feeling students. Maybe it was the urge to scroll, view or like an update. Or maybe it must be something I don’t wish to talk to you about. Everything can’t be spoken. Could it be? Oh! Now this makes me mature? And boring?

Sigh — In a positive tone to enlighten you. Everything I do is boring and to me everything you do is stupid. And to relate this ,I quote with closure that
“Every genius has its limits, but stupidity does not.” Hence ignorance is bliss .

Good Day .

On  the Note: if anything seems irrelevant you could put a comment below or mail me.


13 thoughts on “Not a Facebook user? “Sorry, but you seem Boring.”

  1. i have been waiting since you posted your last thought. And my sincere request with you is , could you just put up more often ? . because i love reading and i also love reading your mind. Everyone loves to find similar things in their lives with other . and i find that with yours.

    Good come back ! its very clear with your thoughts that there is a race ignorant, arrogant and a bunch of idiots who could make your simple world a disaster by bickering around “what to do , what not to do”!

    You defiantly should connect to Facebook once you make up your mind. but only if you want your blog to go viral. only then

    Good day and lots and lots of love 🙂

    1. Hey alia ,
      Thanks for your sincere intrest in my blog . I am personally too flattered. I have also read your mails. I am sorry that you had to wait .

      Offcourse , i will be a part of facebook real soon .

  2. Hey love,
    “Facebook is just a network, which manufactures real life to look like real life.”
    This line is the truth that pangs into my hand.

    its your eloquent opinion and what you experienced how you were treated is incredibly Stupid. like you said it a stupid has no limits . Thus ignorance is bliss !

    Its fascinates me and puts me in a position where i ask to read more of your thoughts.

    good day Sania.

  3. Hey Sania,
    Looks like your surroundings are quite a challenge on a daily basis.
    Keep writing , enlightning . You are amazing by nature and character and your irrational mind is beautiful.


  4. Hey Sania..,
    Felt so nice By Reading ur Blog.. Yeah I saw too late… Bt I like reading all ur Thoughts… The way u write n present it so well…. God bless u.. Keep doing well…. 🙂 :*

  5. I’ve backed off from Facebook but I still use it. It’s up to us to take control and not let it control us. At the end of the day it’s just a networking tool. Thanks for another great post.

    1. Hey mariam
      Yes thats exactly what’s happening. Social networking sites define us these days.And that is not how it’s supposed to be.

      Thanks for giving your precious opinion and time.

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