Bonjour! Marhaban! Kon’nichiwa! (Hello in French,’how are you’ in Arabic, and hello, again in …Japanese). so my beloved readers, how have you been? Are you all in pink of your health? ”Do I really care?” .To grip your diligence?“Am I faking it?” Well, no, I am not faking it. I meant that. It’s a routine hustle, when you meet someone, you greet them without delivering any concern with the words, you utter. Or sometimes, you greet someone you deeply embitter, and you still greet them with extensive glee. Is it right or is it wrong? Being nice dignifies you, being yourself signifies you. I want to grab someone right now, and squabble about random things to them. Really, I dislike it when my college mates read my stuff and talk about me, around me. one day ,this random person blurted; “Is she that jobless?”. Excuse me? I can hear you woman! (flabbergasted).Hence, past few days, I didn’t  pick up a tiny nerve to jot and strike .

Apart from that, i made this new friend, who is all handsome and…no! actually none of that impresses me, anymore but off course his astute , enthralling  complex personality is extremely alluring. (No i don’t adore him! ssh!)

But now (this moment), “I return (with an imaginary superwomen cape on my back), with my exaggerating tales, to discuss.” So where was I? “Faking?”  Faking is easy, when you famine for achievements, that goal petrifies, blurs your sanity. You begin , building your own ways to get to it. I see it quite,every hour in my college. I’ll get to that. But First, let’s begin to talk  with…

Relatives, are so not something you can ever get rid of, they intermittently don’t tactile an abrupt insult, they use “’Methodical Sarcasm” (A SKILLED WAY OF USING SARCASTIC KNOWLEDGE, THAT DOESN’T STRIKE ONE’S CONSCIENCE THEN AND THERE, BUT… WAY LATER). As a shield to keep up with the blood-relations of disputes, which is funny. Last Friday, I picked up my mom, from her mom’s. One of my lovely aunt walked to the car flailing all the steps she took. I am practicing on patients past few days. She knew that. So, she acted out, saying, she would get a treatment from me, which was quite convincing. My mom is naïve. She percepted, a blessing to have a sibling ‘LIKE HER ‘, who would as a matter of fact, risk to get a treatment from a amateur ‘’doctor daughter?’’ she was Faking (my aunt). what she did next?(Aunt) She asked me to take her shopping. and when I dropped her back to her place, she informs me, she can’t get treated by me because, she had forgotten that her appointment was already made with her dentist few days ago. So here, “I knew that would have happened”. But what about these ‘moms?’  Will they ever change, eradicate such temperament? or keep entertaining such, be naive for eternity? ugh! The latter, I guess. (sigh)

How affirmatively, your friends behave with you? ‘Do they fake’?When I say fake, it is …acting moral even after a spontaneous ‘verbal war’ between the two of you, or ‘that person who is known by everyone for despising you, praises on your shoes out of the blue? 

The people I perceive every day, only a few among them are my comfort zone, like Sandy, He is a typical pain in the A$$ . People look at him and they raise their eyebrows call him a *HighClassHypocrite*.Because of few obvious reasons; “He is a foul mouth , He is a self-loathing ”Narcisst+racist,” He is a forbidding ”insensitive B!^%$.” but even then , the ugly truth is, he isn’t Fake. He expresses what he feels, never bottles it up or grumbles about people, To-PEOPLE. Never envies of the other, I did see the better side of him eventually. He displays his true self. which is hard to look for me currently.  I hate talking virtuous of him. He wouldn’t read my page, so it’s cool.Let’s skip on to …The lungs of this topic…

How to fake when you cannot fake?! Look at that one peevish human being, who you would never even hallucinate to face early in the morning. Imagine someone who brings complete nettlesome, in your la la happy land.

Let’s say “A hates B” and “B hates A .”

Step 1: In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter.

Step 2: Cook onion and celery in butter, until just tender, for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Pour in chicken and vegetable broths and stir in chicken, noodles, carrots, basil, oregano, SUGAR and the again some more SUGAR.

Step 4: Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes before serving.

Wait? Why, did I add so much Sugar?” Isn’t it a “Chicken soup recipe?” in fact why did I even add sugar? A little would make it taste pleasant but … Yes,  know what I am cooking. Just hear me out? please! (Might sound all boring….Mature….Serious …in LIFE?, yeah, that’s me , so bare it !)

My whole point is why spoil the originality of your true demeanor just to adapt or fit in the neighborhood.

Didn’t i just spoil the soup adding an ingredient , which wasn’t supposed to be added?

Alright, let me stick to the story of A & B

Quick recap, ‘A’ hates B’ …’B hates A” ….

Once upon a time,on a brilliant cheerful early morning. ‘

A’ greets ‘B’ with a huge FAKE smile on her/his face. Asked B, elegantly, whether B had breakfast. ‘A’ offered ‘B’ a cup of coffee. B is cautious, not surprised with A’s behavior, because A is trying to grab attention of the few around her, screening she is ready to reconcile. While ‘B’ replies decently, accepts the offer of a cup of coffee. They sit down and discuss about a patient ‘A’ was supposed to treat. B isn’t contented because ‘A is “faking” to get help out of ‘B, while B is still not happy about seeing ‘A’ early in the morning.  

Trying to be something you aren’t, makes you unhappy in the end of the day. It suits for the ones who are tousled.

Although I feel, Sir Charles Darwin should have been alive to see his wonderful theory “Survival of the fittest” among humans proven so amicably.


Have a great day fellas..



  1. Hey sania,
    Quite a come back, a long one to 😀
    i like the way you convey your morals through short stories.
    keep writing, and conveying your beautiful thoughts

    Good day. 🙂

  2. Hey Sania….
    It was Really Good to read this page
    Keep Going well.
    Sometimes even I feel like writing,,u r Inspiring.. Loved ur Thoughts..!! 🙂

  3. Haha, hey sania
    Yes charles darwin should have lived !! We usually fake among others, our conscience thought us that being clever even among thr one you dislike is opputunistic.

    It was a good read 🙂 few phrases of yours , strikes really hard .

    Good day . Sania.

  4. Hey sania,
    Looks like you dont fit in your university.well that happens, your intellect doesn’t match with them.

    I enjoy reading your blog sania. Keep writing.

  5. hey Sania,
    Had a good time reading your complete blog. To the point , its amazing how you describe your tiny-tiny happenings. that guy you met few days ago , you like him or something? . just asking , you need not answer to that.
    “”Curiosity kills “” (like you have mentioned earlier:P)

    i find your you and your blog very interesting, Sania.
    please keep updating more often.

  6. Hi Sania,
    i always read your , writings . its more like you are trying to fit into things real hard. which also makes me, adore you. Because everything is sort of petite to you, from A-Z .
    i hate fake-oZ too. Can’t mend it can we?

    I have a request . could you write something on the recent demonetization in india?

    good day sania.
    can i follow you on facebook?

    1. Hey Ajay,
      Thanks for giving your expression . I am definitely taking that request into consideration.
      No i don’t use facebook. You can e-mail me though.

  7. hey sania,
    i love your style of expressing incidents. A and B must be your favorite method to explain a situation. maths did come handy right?
    i love reading your stuff.

    keep writing friend.

    good day,
    sanam rehman

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