That feeling when…

When you pee or poo? (your bowel is completely flushed) Or when you stay laying in your bed throughout the day reading? Or that feeling when you “word-slap” someone (buahaha!), tiny little amazement’s, right?!

2017 is here, I honestly have achieved a lot this month, “I have like finally! Soo Finally!!  fu%#$ng finally!! i  finalized to stay off drama. I think, when betrayal comes from friends and not foes, it is a sign, it was asking me to….   “Get the shit out of this, you loser”, sort of a nature’s call. Perhaps , you can let go once being judged by others, twice…okay, thrice I may say last to lastly. But, not for a century. People say, stick to certain people because you have a long way to go with them. I  say, ”Nah.” No hard feelings, trust me. Pure as gold(wink). This was all about me. bored you? (sorry)?”.


so lets go on with…

 That feeling when you realize,

“Karma is a definite a bitch”. Yes, it’s like a trigger being pulled over, wherever your brain is. I have constantly, exasperated being generous or benevolent to every single possible concomitant. If I could by some means, contribute myself, then absolutely I have. Because I literally fear “karma.” I have treated the old decently  (so that no one ill-treats my folks tomorrow). I have been,  loyal to the uttermost. (so, that tomorrow, I don’t have to dishearten myself by the other). I don’t play around people just because they adore me, or have fallen for me (not flattering myself) but I don’t take advantage of them because tomorrow, I might fall for someone, whose feelings for me would be  like an empty sheet of unused crumbled paper. I don’t comment on other’s body type(body shamming) or taste in style either. (because if I recall, I have seen my brother, eve teased) so, i don’t commit certain things, because believe it or not “what you do now, defiantly comes back tomorrow.”And I know it, because I have seen that atmosphere where things just bite your ass. Well, i am quit absolved now.

The feeling when you …

Know you can’t save any money! And compare your savings to your younger brother’s?

The feeling when you


That the person who has been with you, is a visible attribute of her/his stubborn spirit. And, doing whatsoever for her/him didn’t count at all?.

That feeling when…

you  “make and bake a cake.”

“With salt in it?!” (please, drown me!)

That feeling when,

you see your best friend after ages. (OMG! he looks thinner , weaker then before , should i tell him? and also he has got a grey hair  on his head! or was it there already? wait …is that his new bike or he already had it….?)

That feeling when you …

Wake up with serenity , dreaming, Mr. Obama still, stays the President of U.S…….    (*watery eyes*)

That feeling when you 

Are frowned upon, being joyous about your passionate liking.(Reading novels, painting…or anything that enlightens you)

That feeling when,

You are still smitten, by that one face every morning.( who is he? who is he that sculpted you so?” *Lovestruck*)

That feeling when you,

Tell that one thing, you always wanted that one person to know? (your lungs inspire and expires the air with relief, every cell in your body jumps ,and says “I’m awesome”.

That feeling when you know…

All you can do is be brave enough to get out there.

“you fought, you loved, you lost. so, walk tall.”

Good day.

Please do post one “THAT FEELING:” OF YOURS…


10 thoughts on “That feeling when…

  1. Hey sania,
    Read it as soon as you posted it. I loved the idea.
    “That feeling when , that last piece of pastry is taken away by the other” god damn it i hate it soo much!!

    You to good day !!

  2. Again.. A Nice 1 Sania 🙂
    That Feeling
    Wen u plan for something and it actually works on.. Just Love it.!!!
    That Feeling
    Wen U Pray Hard for Something and U get it.!!! (Experienced)

  3. Hi sania,
    I think your blog is extensively related to my life. Thats why I honestly follow you. I like reading every instance.

    That feeling when , you study the wrong subject for your exam !!!!!

  4. Hey sania
    I like your blog. Please connect it to Facebook so incan follow and read more often.

    The Mr president feeling was a brilliant one .

  5. Hey sania,

    That feeling when the one you love , is doubtful about being together.

    Great read . I could relate soo much with all my heart.

    Keep posting .

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