Gandhian philosophy any day


How ironical, few days ago, someone blurted “you are a devoted, female Gandhi ”.  I was in a state of shudder! first of all, woman can be anything. why can’t a woman have a great man’s personality? How condescending that was! Why am I still not speaking up?  but  this friend of mine, who speaks to the point, never beats around the bush. He gave me a platform to storm upon that day.

Being Gandhi, also means being diplomat. Not retaliating any crooked behaviors. “if he slaps you,then surrender your self give the other side to be slapped again”. Why not? Won’t t the person back off?

Gandhiji believed that at the core of every religion was truth (satya), non-violence (ahimsa) the Golden Rule. Despite his belief in Hinduism, Gandhi was also critical of many of the social practices of Hindus and sought to reform the religion.

What is half of India’s population contemplates this method? Wouldn’t it turn the other half into the same?

If not, then:

1.Religion biased issues will retain, until the extinction of human race.

2.Non-violence will never inculcate with in us. Aren’t we taught from childhood days “Beta, who ek marega tu do maar! (in parental contexts).

(In English : ‘ Son ,If he slaps one, you slap two’)

Perhaps, to condone this philosophy, is the most gagging moment.

But Why bother?

The sly insight on term ‘religion conflicts’ would be eradicated, or at least the feeding on the host might be cut(Host-RELIGION)

Anti-Hindu, Anti-Christian, Anti-Islam such terms would no longer exist. We would look at each other as a person covered in ‘white cloth piece’ or a ‘black cloth piece.’ Instances like, a Hindu not willing to share a seat in a public transport or a muslim’s lengthy beard would not be considered as a “alarming terror alert” on first look.


Anti-violence could be an option, at least a rumination of it could be seeded.


I shall, jot 2-3 sentences to hint you on this, how moral values will be further promoted.

Human rights–  Right to  love whoever. (be it a single mom loving her child, or be it a woman loving another women/man loving another man). Every human have to be equality treated. No man is less or no woman should be weighed on their personal choices.

Racial harmony – Pass a “highly offensive” article, for who so ever is glib and slips this on tip of their tongue.

Citizenship – Initiate, palliative schemes and plans for those who’re never indulged in crimes for over a period of time.  (Just as important as an Aadhar card or driving license, which would benefit and give certain allowances to citizens).

Diversity – All this will exigently, tie an exceptional bond in between any two random beings.

It metaphorically will purify, the society.

Happy republic day!

Good day fellas.


4 thoughts on “Gandhian philosophy any day

  1. Hey… Happy Republic day 🙂
    Well Gandhiji is an Inspiration to us, Personally I love his Thoughts. Perhaps if Some Ppl Are Comparing U with The great Personality just don’t care about them they are already one step behind u OK.. . Have a Happy day.!!!

  2. Hey sania,
    Happy republic day ! Gandji is a great personality to be remembered and yes of course his way of thinking should be opted people. It should become everyone’s identity. But tough to take up something like this.

    Have a great day .
    Keep posting please

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