Attracted to your mistakes? Me too.

Yay! I’m back after almost a year? Had lost the password for the blog itself, so (reasons).

Meticulously speaking, unmotivated pinches, they never let me come here. But, like right now I read an article by Twinkle Khanna an aspiring writer, who received Atta Galatta award recently for her sophomore effort. She mentioned a phrase like “Eat potatoes and rice, show up every single day so that you eventually bump into your muse.” Criticism is part of your life cycle, can’t break it, can we? What happens when we break it?  I’m criticized, by being labeled as an irrational.  I do think about it at times, because it came from a dear friend. And I still don’t find myself wrong anywhere. Tough head, am I?

What are you criticized for? 

Let’s cut to the chase.

Attracted to your mistakes is my own theory of how you’re repelled from world’s entire amusing things but bewitched to the nasty.

In romantic relationships, going back to your Ex even after a harsh relationship is one mistake that is tempting . You know you had it all wrong, but in a snap, you will go back to the same, if you had the chance. Or, maybe you get into a ruse of “rebound” , you hunt for that person in someone else and end up in the same pothole. Even though you jump over the pothole to skip it, the force is so massive that you get pulled or drawn or sucked into it.

Okay, let’s jibber less about relationships. Sensitive area?

What about your professional section? You don’t like the job, you decide to relinquish. But you then get an offer for that same post you worked in as, for a better salary? Now what? You adhere your life to the same again. You take it up. Then you blame, whine about how the universe pulls you into misery or how much in a hurry you’re to grow wealthy.

It terrifies me, it terrifies me that, what if I commit my mistakes again? Though I’m timid, I fear how much i want it. How much I’d want to make those choices I made, right. what if I did that same thing (arbitrary) differently this time.

A while ago, i went back to the people who had chastised me for everything I was. I thought going back to that was another chance for me to bond better than before. Except, no it doesn’t work that way. You keep convincing yourself that you can mend that portion where you went wrong, but, there’s always a but! It’s similar to, bending a steel wire back and forth, and eventually breaking it with your own fingers.

In dentistry, you learn wire bending in orthodontics. This is where you know the function of each fragment of your bracers, in,simple terms. Each day, the professors guide you with what is that we do wrong that the appliance is not how it’s supposed to be. They tell us about  the millimeter blunders we did. And when we repeat them, they hurt us by darting with their expressions, or you hurt yourself by cutting yourselves (slit,poke,pierce). And this is where I learned, when you repeat your mistakes you get hurt. You don’t repeat them, you prosper, you move a step ahead.

Mistakes are like ‘one-night stands.’ They clarify you something about that night or they clarify you nothing about that night. (Aren’t one night stands like always a mistake?)

haha! we’ll get back to one-night stands another day.


So, this was a very short come back.

Have a great day , fellas.



6 thoughts on “Attracted to your mistakes? Me too.

  1. Hey sania,
    It’s been long you updated anything. Good write up though. Haha! And yes one night stands are always a mistake. Short but delivers a message.

    Keep writing often.

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