11111111111Hi I’m Sania, its spelled as S-a-n-y-a, but i have a  hunch that the four letter “Sania” would bring me a whole new, identity. I’m a dental student, with all my parents blessings. I was in an enigma in my 8th grade, when I discovered that i was in  love with my own writings though they sucked. I ought to be a felonious person. Throwing and forcing my opinions on the other beings. My demeanor is pretty discrete. And I have no will to be falsetto. Its just not in me. Its been an year now that I had started blogging and I am ‘bliss-ed’ to post and receive  fraternizing replies , from exciting and beautiful people around the world. I don’t socialize via Facebook or twitter . Socializing through sites, fear of being pushed away from reality is a big concern to me. It trembles me a little. sounds absurd to you? but maybe someday. I might be a part of it ,but never know when.

I’m myself a bowl of unpredictability. I overthink,which if you know kills you faster than  a cigarette. But again,maybe, it has a good side too. I am usually torn between what I want now,and what I need for tomorrow. And i know, I am not alone. Our credence makes us unanimous, and I am glad to share my daily brooding and ramblings here.


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sania… its a pleasure meeting you here on WordPress. Happy to know you are writer as well. Enjoy the read- #Hope_We_Never_Meet_Again and do pen down a review if you like the book. 🙂

  2. Hi, Sania! 🙂 Glad to meet you. Do you have an interesting blog here. By the way, you know that your name Sania means sled in Romanian? So… It means that you will have a beautiful life. You will slide like a sled on the snow 🙂

    1. Hey mopana,
      Haha , i had no clue about the meaning of my name . Never realize that it was that beautiful until u mentioned .Thanks , thanks alot for that piece of info .

      And Thanks for visiting my blog as well.
      Have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  3. Hey sania,
    You seem to be very expressive about things around you, Which is impressive and incredibly fascinating . Yes like others have already said you are pretty but your words and mind occurs to be prettier than you which is worth of gold.

    I request you to connect to facebook . Because more people there get to know you there and I definitely think they are missing this.


  4. Hey sania ,
    The blog is extremely tangible.
    I liked your blog , i will subscribe. Even the pictures are serendipitous. Good blog. Viewers are in a limit because you haven’t commect it to any social network . Maybe you should.

  5. Hey sania,
    Your about tells alot about you , its really fascinating when writing becomes a hobby for a person this real.
    I liked tou blog. Write more of it. A pretty picture indeed , beautiful.

  6. Hey sania,
    I loved your blog. Your writing is not a triffle but a truffle which brings constant smile on ones face.
    Keep writing.
    And your picture is too pretty as your beautiful mind .

  7. Sania,
    The blog is a great read . Alots could be learned here in simplest and funniest way. I have smiled to myself many times . You are doing great fella.

    Good luck

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