Bangalore Respires

To begin with…



October 10th 2016

Location-Nagvara kare, Lumbini gardens .

Credits : shot by iphone 6




 Jagdamma, 56 , old market , Bangalore.  Says..

My son works in IT and my daughter works as an HR in dubai. I purchase old ,scrap metal utensils,melt them convert them to new shiny ones and sell them .My husband died 20 years back and after him I am running the business alone.

She tells me in tamil “Nan uyirutan irukkum varai, Nan en sondhe panam shampatikka ventum , kulanthaikal nampi vala ma taen

which means till the the time I am alive I want to earn my own money and not depend in my children .


21.MARCH 2015

The City and its Art

The Green Rejuvenate’s

Location : Cubbon Park

Diwali Nights -2015

“Every sparkle you look for in your darkest days is no one but you”

Photography &credits : iphone6






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