Past couple of days every fourth person has been asking “Since when you have been inculcating your affection towards flowers?”

Well honestly speaking, i happen to be the most dry heartened person .Personally i have never showed any great fascination in flowers or animals. But sometimes these still , not-talking living beings attract you the most . They are the  most delightful and beautiful eye catchers they ought to be.Viewing and growing Such Euphoric flowers could glorify stressful lives .”They grow, they wither . They  joy, they dull”.

Isn’t it the same with us?.





Symbolic Meaning in Various Contexts:
In Christianity, the lily is considered as a symbol of chastity and purity.
In Buddhism, tiger lily represents mercy, compassion, and aggressive traits associated with feminine nature.
Although water lily does not fall under the same family as the other lilies, it is still widely called a “lily”, and has significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism. The water lily symbolizes enlightenment and purity of the soul, since the flower blooms or emerges from the mud.

Mythology and Ancient Times

► According to Greek mythology, the lily stands for motherhood and rebirth because it is believed that lily was formed or created from the milk of Hera, wife of Zeus.

In ancient Greece, people regarded lily as a symbol of sexuality. This flower also had an important role to play in the old folktales. As per the tradition, it is said that old wives always approached an expectant mother with a lily and a rose flower; the lily would symbolize a boy and the rose would represent a girl. Thus, if the mother picked the rose, it would be a baby girl, and if she picked the lily, it would be a baby boy!
Red lilies portray love, ardor, and affection for your loved ones.
This flower as an object of meditation and symbolize
fidelity . In Japan, the process of unfurling of the petals of this flower is believed to be reflective of perfection
The colors of this flower could signify emotions. Send these flowers if you wish to send a message of hope, joy, loyalty and long life.
Give a white ‘chrysanth’ to your partner to tell him/her that your love is pure and you shall always remain loyal. Red is mostly associated with love, so a red ‘chrysanth’ would be perfect when you wish to send across messages of love. Yellow ones symbolize slighted love. This flower is seen as a symbol of joy, optimism and love. If you have been thinking of getting a flower tattooed on your body, why not go for a chrysanthemum??.
As it is, flower tattoos are popular with young girls.
So you could set a style statement by getting a ‘chrysanth’ tattoo. This tattoo will go well with your happy-go-lucky image.*WINK*
Chrysanthemums symbolize love and optimism. You can use them in flower arrangements to enliven your home.